Viral Ice Cream Licker D’Adrien L’Quinn Anderson Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail

Do you guys keep in mind when a bunch of folks received arrested for licking cartons of ice cream and placing them again into the freezer at supermarkets?

Well, a 24-year-old Texas man was sentenced to jail on Wednesday (Mar. 4) for doing simply that.

D’Adrien L’Quinn Anderson is now dealing with 30 days in jail, 180 days probation over two years, and over $2,500 in fines and restitution after he posted a video of himself giving a carton of Blue Bell ice cream an enormous outdated lick at a Walmart earlier than placing it again on the shelf.

The incident truly came about final August, and on the time, Anderson advised reporters that the rationale he did the stunt was as a result of he needed to go viral on the web.

After performing the stunt that will land him in jail months later, Anderson a minimum of had the decency to return and buy the carton he defiled.

When confronted by the police, he was ready to present them a receipt of his buy. However, by that time, the video had already been shared on social media, and Walmart was compelled to throw out all the remaining ice cream in the freezer due to well being considerations, which price Blue Bell $1,565.

While it might have been a innocent stunt in Anderson’s thoughts, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office didn’t see it that means.

“Anderson’s actions caused public concerns about the safety and quality of consumer products offered for public consumption, impacted Blue Bell consumer confidence, and caused the company financial loss,” they stated in an announcement. “This type of activity will not be tolerated.”

Anderson, who often posts movies on Facebook and Instagram, has amassed over 125,000 views in his try to change into social media well-known.

However, it may be some time earlier than he posts once more, as a result of he began serving his 30-day stint in jail instantly after being sentenced.

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