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Plenty of issues are about to vary on ‘A Million Little Things.’ Showrunner DJ Nash spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL in regards to the fall finale and the brand new ‘mystery’ that’s already in play.

Life isn’t straightforward. Sometimes robust selections and stunning revelations are made. Well, each of these issues are taking place on the autumn finale of A Million Little Things. PJ found the DNA take a look at beneath Rome’s mattress and he’s discovered that he’s Jon’s organic son. This information is quite a bit to course of for anybody, particularly PJ.

“I think we’ve set PJ up to be the cautionary tale for Delilah and Eddie, who are debating what to do about Charlie’s paternity,” A Million Little Things creator DJ Nash tells HollywoodLife. “Obviously seeing how PJ responds is going to be an important part of their story as well. PJ is struggling with depression. We knew that from the moment we met him at the hospital with Rome when he read Rome’s script and getting this news hopefully will provide him with a relief and the happiness he deserves, but maybe it won’t.”

In the preview for the autumn finale, Regina tells Delilah that PJ is Jon’s son. DJ says that this can be a shock to the system for Delilah as properly. “I think it’s devastating,” DJ continues. “I think from her standpoint, the fact that her husband took her life is something she hasn’t fully been able to process and understand. I think it hurt her to know that her husband was suffering so much, that she didn’t know about 9/11, and she didn’t know about many of the secrets he was keeping. So the idea that he had a son is just really hard for her to accept. And in fact, she feels so strongly that maybe Jon didn’t even realize that PJ was his son because it’s just not consistent with the man she knows.”

On prime of this information, Delilah additionally isn’t seeing eye-to-eye with Eddie and Katherine in relation to being open about Charlie’s paternity. Eddie and Katherine wish to be clear with everybody whereas Delilah desires to maintain Charlie’s paternity a secret to guard her different two children. DJ reveals that this case will “come to a head” within the fall finale. “For all the Team Katherine and Team Delilah’s out there, it’s going to get very, very real, and our friend group gets right in the middle of it, led by Gary. In our show, nobody is innocent, nobody is guilty, and we will see just how true that is in this episode.”

However, it does seem that Delilah has information to share with Sophie and Danny. Whether or not she’s telling them about Charlie or PJ is but to be decided. DJ teases how might this play out with the children. “I would think to learn that your mom had an affair and that your father who took his life had a son, that you have a brother that you didn’t realize was your brother, I think any one of these things would be earth-shattering,” he says. “The fact that they’re all taking place at the same time is just a lot. And that is exactly what our midseason finale is… a lot.”

Maggie and Gary’s relationship hasn’t been clean crusing this season both. Their relationship has been outlined by most cancers and now that Maggie is in remission, she’s been making an attempt to determine who she is with out most cancers and what her relationship is with out most cancers. “That comes to a head in this episode when they’re trying to figure out who they are and an event happens that forces the question,” DJ says.

When it involves A Million Little Things, there’s at all times a thriller ingredient. That’s not altering any time quickly. DJ says a brand new thriller is already within the works. “It’s already going, you just don’t realize it,” he teases. “There’s another mystery that takes us from the end of season 2 into season 3.” A Million Little Things season 2 will return with new episodes in 2020.

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