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The new Netflix sequence ‘Merry, Happy, Whatever’ reveals Ashley Tisdale in spectacular moments of comedy & emotion. She spoke to HL about her newest function.

Ashley Tisdale takes on the vacation season as a newly single girl who’s within the means of discovering her true self — whereas coping with her household of wildly totally different personalities, after all! In the Netflix sitcom Merry, Happy, Whatever, Ashley stars as Kayla Quinn, the center daughter of the Quinn household, led by their strong-willed, tough-loving father Don, performed by the icon that’s Dennis Quaid. Early within the sequence, Kayla’s husband stuns her by demanding a divorce (in entrance of her entire household), which leads Kayla down a street of self-discovery, which ends in an emotional second when she comes out as homosexual to her household. Interestingly, Ashley, together with the remainder of the solid, was unaware of her character’s arc and “figured out who she was as the same time.”

“I solely knew the primary episode as a result of Tucker [Cawley] wouldn’t allow us to in on what was going to occur with our characters, which is basically cool as a result of generally if you understand the arc of the character, you’re nearly a pair steps forward. Whereas I bought to be within the second along with her attempting to determine it out,” Ashley defined in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “She’s trying to figure out who she is and she’s in a self-identity crisis. I was trying to figure out who she was at the same time as well, so it was kind of like we did it together.”

“But I have to say, yeah, it was one of the most fulfilling acting roles that I’ve really ever gotten to do because I think a lot of the roles that I have done in the past have been very strong characters and they know who they are and there isn’t this, ‘Who am I?’ That’s what I usually bring to a role because I’m pretty confident person and I really know what I like, I know what I want,” Ashley continued, referencing her earlier roles such because the decided Sharpay Evans in High School Musical and Maddie Fitzpatrick in Suite Life Of Zack and Cody. “With Kayla, it was just such a different situation where I got to really add things in there.”

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Ashley revealed that she discovered about her character’s story arc when she was tipped off by somebody in wardrobe who dished that they would wish to chop her hair mid-season. “I feel like there hasn’t really been anything on TV where the journey of someone finding out that they are gay is documented. I think that was really different,” she defined. “I really cared about Kayla and I really respected her as a character, and I wanted to do [the coming out scene] in the most in the most authentic way.”

The actress added that enjoying the function “means so much” to her. “Acting is all about being someone else and getting into someone else’s shoes, so to jump into Kayla’s shoes and to go through something I’ve never gone through in my life was really inspiring and beautiful I really was excited to share that,” Ashley mentioned.

You can binge watch Merry, Happy, Whatever on Netflix NOW!

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