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Beth Chapman continues to battle most cancers on the Oct. 16 episode of ‘Dog’s Most Wanted,’ and she or he takes a while out from bounty looking to go purchasing for wigs along with her family members.

Before taking over a bounty hunt in Louisiana on this week’s episode of Dog’s Most WantedBeth Chapman brings Dog The Bounty Hunter and another family members to a wig store. Earlier this season, she began to lose her hair whereas present process remedy for her most cancers, however has saved up her glam look, at the same time as her well being deteriorates. “The struggle is real,” she says. “We’re all over the place, constantly trying to keep me in wigs, hats, scarves…whatever we can find to just keep me looking normal.”

Despite not feeling her greatest whereas battling stage IV most cancers, Beth has taken half in many of the hunts this season. However, she makes it clear on this episode that it’s not as simple as she’s made it look. “Even though it might look like I’m having a good day, the disease is still trying to claim my life,” Beth explains. “I have an internal battle going on. I have a spiritual battle going on. And, of course, I have this battle going on out here on the road. It actually makes me feel a little better to stop and make fun of it. [The wigs] are like makeup now, you know what I mean? I get to buy accessories and different hair, different styles. I’m ready four times earlier in the morning.”

Beth is remaining optimistic, and she or he admits that it helps realizing there’s so many sort folks on the market who care. “People are so kind and nice when they know what you’re going through,” she says. “And [they’re] helpful. So, I’m embracing it, liking it, not loving it, but for now, we’re just going to roll with it.”

After a profitable hunt, Beth and Dog journey to Florida, the place Beth delivers a Mother’s Day message at church. In her speech, she opens up about her life as a Christian lady. “I learned as a grew as a young Christian that God doesn’t do things for just no apparent reason,” Beth tells the group. “I don’t go to God and go…why did I get cancer? Because I know why — because it’s the ultimate test of faith. But I also believe that the Lord of impossible miracles is going to show up big.”

All season lengthy, Beth’s most cancers battle appears to have taken an excellent larger toll on Dog than it has on her. “She’s truly one of the toughest women I’ve met,” he admits, via tears, on the finish of the episode. “We’re all praying. God, hear our prayer. Please heal my Beth.” Sadly, Beth handed away simply over one month after giving the Mother’s Day message, and we’ll see her remaining days play out on the remainder of this season of Dog’s Most Wanted, which airs Wednesday’s at 9:00 p.m. on WGN.

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