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‘Good Trouble’ is again with its first-ever vacation particular. Cierra Ramirez spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL in regards to the epic ‘Fosters’ reunion, what’s forward for Mariana in season 2B, and a lot extra.

The Fosters forged is coming collectively as soon as once more for Good Trouble’s vacation particular on Freeform. Many members of the Adams-Fosters household can be becoming a member of Callie, Mariana, and the remainder of the Coterie for vacation celebrations. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Cierra Ramirez about what to anticipate on this vacation particular. “I think the most exciting thing about bringing back the characters is kind of seeing what’s new in their lives,” Cierra instructed HollywoodLife. “You’ve seen these characters grow up on screen essentially so to see where they’re at in the world and reconnect and see how they are is so cool. Each of the Fosters family members are kind of going through their own issues. You kind of touch on a little of them throughout their cameos and everything.”

When it involves the Adams-Fosters household, there’s at all times some type of drama. “Brandon and Eliza are hiding big news from the family and there is kind of a secret being kept between our mothers as well,” Cierra teased. “We’ll see how that all unravels. You know the Fosters family can’t keep secrets for long. It’s just a matter of who’s going to tattle.”

The 2-hour vacation particular, which is able to air at 9 p.m., received’t happen proper after the present left off in season 2A. Cierra mentioned it’s a “little bit before all of the drama that’s gone down with Callie.” While the vacation particular will give some perception into season 2B, it’s very a lot a standalone episode. When it involves Mariana, Cierra mentioned that her character is able to give again this vacation season. “She is in a bit of a tiff with Raj so with the holidays comes the idea of giving back and she now once to prove she’s a good person in that sense,” Cierra continued. “She’s going to kind of help the Coterie put together an event to give back to the community who was affected by family members who have been in the prison system. Something happens and they fall through with the event space and they end up throwing this at the Coterie which, you know, again, helps combine and bring the Coterie family and Fosters family together which is really fun to see all of their dynamics blend. Something I love about Mariana is she’s not afraid to put on a costume or do anything with a theme. She’s really happy to have her family together, although she will be classic Mariana and probably stir the pot in these episodes as well.”

Season 2B will return Jan. 15. In the season 2A finale of the present, Callie instructed Mariana she is transferring out. Season 2B goes to be a transition interval for everybody, not simply Mariana. “I think Mariana is very heartbroken,” Cierra mentioned. “You’ve seen the sisters be really tense around each other throughout the season and then it all just kind of blows up, so you’ll continue to see how she struggles with that and how that dynamic really changes once Callie moves out. She’s also still really struggling at work. She’s made a lot of progress but she has to deal with the consequences of announcing that she released this information and there’s going to be someone that comes into the company who helps clean up, for the most part, Speckulate and make it just a better company overall and they’re going to be investigating. Mariana is going to be struggling with that as well, trying to keep her job while continuing this movement.”

When it involves Mariana’s private life, it’s at all times been a bit of difficult. “Raj has definitely been a big part of Mariana’s life and he will continue to be but you will see some internal struggle this next season,” Cierra mentioned. “He’s always been wary and hesitant of her relationship with Evan and that will continue. She will continue to get really close to Evan. They’ll be working together to help make Speckulate the best company it can be. There will be some other obstacles as well but not even necessarily on Mariana’s behalf.”

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