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‘Deputy’ is simply getting began. Bex Taylor-Klaus spoke with HL EXCLUSIVELY in regards to the dynamic between Bishop and Bill, why they beloved character of Bishop, and extra.

Deputy kickstarted the brand new yr with a gritty cop drama that doesn’t play by the principles. Bex Taylor-Klaus stars as Deputy Bishop, the whip-smart driver in control of Bill’s safety element. Right off the bat, Bishop and Bill, performed by Stephen Dorff, developed respect for each other. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Bex about what’s forward relating to Bishop and Bill’s dynamic. “In some of the upcoming episodes, there’s some tension between the characters because Bishop is logical and practical and Bill is flying-off-the-handle emotional,” Bex advised HollywoodLife on the Television Critics Association winter press tour. “Even though their dynamic is great and they have this great camaraderie and great dynamic, there’s always going to be at least a little bit of frustration there because they’re both such bullheaded characters in such very different ways. It was really challenging and fun to keep the camaraderie and the playfulness and the begrudging respect and love that the characters have for each other, while also bringing in some of that conflict and combat because he’s going do it his way and Bishop is going to do it logically.”

Bex has beloved sharing scenes with Stephen, whom they name an “OG talented motherf**ker.” They added, “It’s been really interesting to kind of play opposite him.” They added, “It’s interesting because he’ll never admit this, but Stephen has emotions. And so for a while, that was hard for me to separate: Bex doesn’t have to take care of Stephen, Bishop just has to take care of Bill.”

Bex’s character is no-nonsense and is aware of find out how to get issues finished in a swift and logical method. Bex mentioned why the position of Bishop was one which stood out to them. “Bishop wants to change the world for the better,” Bex stated. “But Bishop is savvy enough to be able to do it from the inside. If there’s anyone who could ever fix something from the inside, it’s Bishop. They’re so smart and so talented and cunning. What I really liked about Deputy Bishop is that Bishop is willing to use their position for the good of the people and for the good of the innocent. I think that was really important. Also, you know, it’s always fun to play a sassy cop, right?”

Bishop’s backstory remains to be a little bit of a thriller and Bex hopes to discover that in future episodes. “Bishop went up through the Pentagon, so there’s a lot to unpack there,” they teased. “We get kind of a glimpse of what possibly could have happened in Washington before Bishop comes to Los Angeles.” Deputy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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