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Apple TV+’s newest documentary is greater than only a movie about wildlife. It’s a wide ranging intimate look right into a household of African elephants and a life and demise combat for survival.

If you didn’t love elephants earlier than you noticed Apple TV+’s new documentary, The Elephant Queen, you’ll adore them by the point the credit position. Brought to display screen by husband and spouse filmmakers Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble, it charts the journey of matriarch Athena, who travels throughout the African bush throughout a time of utmost drought to search out water for her household. What the British couple – who’ve made East Africa their house for the previous three many years – captures is the interdependency of creatures within the wild; from the elephant to the bullfrog, and the animals and bugs in between.

Narrated by 12 Years A Slave star Chiwetel Ejiofor the doc took 4 years to movie in Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park. In an EXCLUSIVE interview Victoria and Mark clarify to HollywoodLife why elephants like Athena want you greater than ever:

HollywoodLife: Why are you so fascinated by elephants?

Mark: “It is the only subject I think, that we go back to and film again. Just because even after four years, living with them in the bush, you feel you’re only just scratching the surface. They are extraordinary animals and the more time you spend around them, the more you get to know them. You get to almost read their minds.”

Victoria: “For me it’s just their emotional intelligence. So, when you’re watching them, especially within a sort of female family group, it’s like watching people. The way in which they are reacting, relating, I think you read it, a lot of it, through the trunks. The way in which they use their trunks sort of literally, to push another elephant out of the way, to protect, to keep cool, to trumpet… There’s just tiny gestures…”

Mark: “[We] went into Amboseli National Park when there was an extreme drought… and it was seeing how [their] babies were dying, the matriarchs are really suffering, and it was seeing how they coped as a family, that we thought, OK, there’s so much going on here just almost internally in the elephant’s mind. [At] the same time, elephants were being heavily poached. The whole elephant population has been thrown into crisis and we thought… we need to do something.”

Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble are the British filmmakers behind the Apple TV+ doc, ‘The Elephant Queen.’ (Photo by Michael Buckner)

HL: According to the World Wildlife Fund there have been [up to] 5 million African elephants within the wild within the final century, and there are actually simply 450,000.

Mark:  “And we’re still losing them faster than they can breed.”

Victoria: “They really need us all. If we want to share this planet with them, they need us.”

HL: The seek for water appears to be the principle theme in The Elephant Queen. Is that deliberate?

Mark: “Our main thing was to really show people what happened to an elephant family. And, because we strongly believe that if people are shown, not told, then if you have that realization yourself and if you see what happens at a time of drought; and then you hear that droughts are going to become more frequent, and you make that association with climate change, it sort of somehow hits a lot harder.”

HL: On one stage the movie’s a cute story – albeit with a little bit of some unhappiness in between – however what’s the message you’re attempting to get throughout?

Victoria: “To be involved… It’s almost like a love story. It’s a human story… When are we all motivated to do something, when we love something or when we understand something and we feel compassion… I think we feel that if the film can then harness that compassion and drive people to ways in which you can live the other side of the world, but you can still make a contribution through those who are doing amazing work on the ground.”

The Elephant Queen is launched in choose theaters on Oct. 18 earlier than making its debut on Apple TV+ on Nov. 1.

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