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Jacqueline is again at ‘Scarlet’ on ‘The Bold Type’ however Melora Hardin tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that her character will likely be going through a ‘new learning curve’ and extra in essentially the most ‘personal’ season but.

Jacqueline’s rightful place is on the head of Scarlet. After a quick firing, the boss has returned simply because the journal goes utterly digital. This is uncharted territory for Jacqueline. HollywoodLife sat down EXCLUSIVELY with Melora Hardin to speak about Jacqueline’s journey in The Bold Type season 4. “I think this season with Jacqueline you really get this opportunity to see what it is to really be a successful working woman, but also have a full family life and what that looks like for her with her husband and her children and how they kind of navigate the new learning curve that has to happen for her and the challenges of Scarlett going all-digital,” Melora mentioned.

There was a brief time frame the place Jacqueline was not working at Scarlet and was pondering what her life was going to be with out it. “I think she had sort of that moment of, wow, there might be some positives to this. It’s kind of nice. Have a little downtime, more time with my husband, more time with my kids, you know, a little more ‘me’ time,” Melora continued. “I think she definitely was sort of contemplating that, which I think made her come back into the fold with a little more perspective and valuing her own contribution to the magazine certainly, knowing that she had followed her instincts as strongly as she did and that actually the audience told her that’s what we want and that’s what we like.”

Jacqueline’s life exterior of the workplace will likely be explored extra in season 4. “The thing about that I really like about this season actually is it’s not quite as current events heavy as it was last season. It’s more character-driven and a lot more personal,” Melora revealed. “You get more of Jacqueline’s personal life. Jane struggles with a little more with the BRCA gene and what she’s going to do there. Her relationships are constantly ever-evolving and Sutton is dealing with her relationship with Richard. It’s a really personal season. It’s not as topical.”

Melora Hardin stops by HollywoodLife’s New York City portrait studio. (Photographer: Paige Kindlick)
Melora Hardin
Melora Hardin stars as Jacqueline on Freeform’s ‘The Bold Type.’ (Photographer: Paige Kindlick)

One of the most effective features of the Freeform collection is the connection between Jacqueline and Jane. From day one, Jacqueline has been a mentor to Jane and a supply of help all through Jane’s journey as a journalist. “The relationship deepens and it is, I would say, maybe a little deeper relationship than just an employee and boss,” Melora mentioned about Jacqueline and Jane’s bond in season 4. “I think there’s something a little maternal, maybe a little, and certainly mentor and mentee for sure.” The Bold Type airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Freeform.

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