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Following the wild struggle between Chloe and Juliette on the Jan. 14 episode of ‘Siesta Key,’ we acquired EXCLUSIVE scoop about what actually set Juliette off — and MUCH extra!

Things acquired bodily between Juliette Porter and Chloe Trautman through the Jan. 14 episode of Siesta Key. The struggle befell at Juliette and Kelsey Owens’ housewarming get together, after Chloe referred to as Juliette out for not placing effort into their friendship. She additionally instructed Juliette that her new boyfriend, Robby Hayes, was “using” her, which appeared to upset Juliette essentially the most. After Chloe slapped Juliette’s hand out of the best way in the course of the heated dialog, Juliette took issues to the subsequent stage — she punched Chloe within the head and commenced pulling out her hair extensions.

“I do regret getting physical,” Juliette instructed HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “But the only reason I got physical was because I was so taken off guard by her reasoning behind everything that was going on between us. It was very impulsive.” Juliette defined that she wasn’t anticipating Chloe to say the issues that she did about their friendship. “At this time of year, I was graduating college and trying to move on,” she mentioned. “I was really busy with my own life. So was I calling her every day, asking her to hang out and talk? No, I wasn’t, and I think that’s fair because a lot of people don’t talk to their friends and they still pick up where they left off.” 

Of course, the true underlying situation was that Chloe had rekindled her friendship with Juliette’s ex, Alex Kompothecras, who cheated on Juliette throughout season two. “It really hurt my feelings that she was just friends with Alex all of a sudden,” Juliette admitted. “I assumed that she actually supported me and didn’t like the best way he was treating others and all that. I anticipated her to apologize to me [at the housewarming party], however as a substitute, it was all my fault. It simply escalated from there.”

Looking again, Juliette admittedly needs that she went about issues otherwise throughout her dialog with Chloe. “I wish I had told her that I never meant to not hang out with her, and that if it was a genuine issue, she should have contacted me and told me it hurt her feelings,” she revealed. “She never did that. She never called me. Why do I have to be the one making contact? And I should have been straight up and told her that it really hurt my feelings that she’s friends with Alex and that she was so upset by the decisions I was making, when I was actually happy for the first time in a while. So Chloe, when you hear this — I was a little too drunk to get that in, but Chloe, you were a little too talkative!”

Throughout the remainder of season three, Chloe and Juliette will work on repairing their friendship. “It takes a while and it’s still very rocky,” Juliette mentioned. “It does take a while for us to get there, and after this episode, you’ll see how things play out. But it wasn’t easy, I’ll tell you that.”

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