JWoww Cries Over Custody Drama With Ex Roger Mathews on ‘Jersey Shore’ – Hollywood Life

On the newest ‘Jersey Shore,’ the enjoyment over The Situation’s imminent launch from jail was marred for JWoww, after her ex-husband Roger Mathews left her in tears over their little one custody points.

It was a tense Jersey Shore: Family Vacation for Jenni “JWoww” Farley on March 5, as a textual content from ex-husband Roger Mathews, 44, about little one custody points precipitated her to run to the toilet and cry her eyes out. The gang was gathered at their rented home as they awaited the Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino‘s launch from jail the next day. JWoww received a textual content that Pauly D mentioned “looked like a paragraph” from how lengthy it was as she scrolled by means of it. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi requested what Roger wished, when Jenni excused herself saying she had “to go deal with this for a sec.”

“So I get a text from my ex, and it’s not good,” Jenni mentioned. “I thought I worked everything out where, like, he could take the kids this week while I’m with my roommates and then I would take them on the weekend, but apparently, now he wants to go back on the plan. So now I’m f**ked.”

“I’m literally in the bathroom crying. I want to be here for Mike but it looks like I have to go home. It’s just like two f**king worlds torn. I thought this was handled. I got divorced,” JWoww revealed in a confessional. Cut to the toilet the place Snooki had gone in to consolation her pal. Jenni reads, “And I asked you to work with me and you’re not. You’re mandating the weekend when I cannot see them during the week. And he goes, ‘It’s my weekend to have them.’” The former couple share daughter Meilani, 5, and son Greyson, 3.

“The situation with Roger is so sticky. Yes, we have a contract and we have to follow it, but I really thought if we’re great [at] co-parenting and working with each other, we could switch off,” JWoww, 35, continued in her confessional. “But apparently that’s just not the situation right now.”

“She might not be able to stay as long as she wants to in the house with us and I feel terrible for her. Roger’s doing this to her on purpose. You’re like f**ing 50-years-old. Grow up!” Snooki snapped in a confessional. Fortunately Jenni was in a position to keep the night time in the home and the gang received the nice information the following morning that Mike was a free man. He was launched on Sept. 12, 2019 from New York’s Otisville Federal Correctional Institution after finishing eight months for federal tax evasion fees.


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