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Maggie could also be beginning a brand new chapter at Pac North, however Kelly McCreary doesn’t assume her ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ character is out of the woods simply but, following the sudden loss of life of cousin Sabrina.

Grey’s Anatomy star Kelly McCreary, 38, just lately opened up about how she ready for her present Season 16 storyline, through which Maggie offers with the surprising loss of life of her cousin, Sabrina (performed by real-life sister Crystal McCreary). “The way that I prepared [for this storyline] was that I did an inventory of Maggie’s psychological state, which fundamentally, she is a perfectionist. She has always been good and has never failed. Always good at anything she tries scientifically and never failed. That’s such a huge part of her identity,” Kelly instructed HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on the #BlogHer20 Health summit in Los Angeles on Feb. 1. Kelly, who appeared on the Hollywood On Health panel, mentioned it was “crushing” for Maggie to take care of the loss of life of her cousin, Sabrina, whom she was accountable for saving after her father, and Sabrina’s uncle — Richard — pressured her to function.

Kelly mentioned she might solely think about that it’s heartbreaking while you’re “going in for a planned surgery and you make an error as a doctor.” She continued, “Maggie has never done that before. Understanding that and comparing that to my own identity, the things that I… that if they changed, if I had to redefine them, it would maybe kill a little part of me or just be hard to recover from. I think that was my way into her state.”

“One of the things that I thought about was how obsessive Maggie is about medical things. I imagined her replaying over and over those moments. The moment of the mistake, the moment of the realization, the moment of Sabrina’s death, not being able to get that out of her head and how absolutely paralyzing that would be. Not just depressing, but the feeling of not being able to move out beyond those recollections and the feelings that would bring up for her. That’s the way I approached what state she would be in after that,” Kelly defined.

As for whether or not or not Kelly thinks Sabrina’s loss of life was Maggie’s fault, she instructed us, “It’s really hard for me to find blame. I think that there were a lot of really unfavorable factors working against Sabrina. I don’t think [Richards or Maggie] really need to own the blame by themselves.” She added, “I think that it could be very easy to judge Richard for having exercised poor judgment. Or judge Maggie for not getting over it and just snapping right back. But I think that when you try to understand the whole of their perspective on the thing, you deepen your compassion, you deepen your empathy for these fictional characters and hopefully you carry that kind of empathy and that willingness to give each other grace into your real relationships. That’s, I think, the value of good storytelling on TV.”

Fortunately, there’s loads of story to return, and after watching final week’s episode, through which Maggie accepted a brand new place at Pac North with Richard and Alex (previously performed by Justin Chambers), Maggie could lastly be seeing the sunshine on the finish of the tunnel. However, she nonetheless has to take care of that wrongful loss of life lawsuit.

New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy air Thursdays at 9pm on ABC.

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