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Things get heated between BFFs Codi and Kirk on the Feb. 13 episode of ‘Floribama Shore’ — and we have now an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of what units them off!

Codi Butts and Kirk Medas go AT it on this EXCLUSIVE clip of the upcoming episode of Floribama Shore. The drama begins when Codi buys Candace Rice flowers throughout an evening out. The different roommates are a bit confused by the gesture, as earlier this season, Candace turned down a romantic relationship with Codi they usually agreed to be associates. “Dude, what the f*** are you doing?” Gus Smyrnios says in a confessional. “She’s turned you down a million times. She’s making you look stupid. Why are you still doing this stuff for her?”

But whereas Gus stays quiet in entrance of Codi, Kirk lets his good friend know that he appears “stupid as f***” for nonetheless pining over Candace. “You look dumb,” Kirk says. “You just don’t get it. B***h you look dumb.” In a confessional, he provides, “How many times do I have to tell you, bro!? She don’t mess with you like that. And you’re still buying her flowers?!” Codi doesn’t simply let Kirk get away with telling him off, although, and he fights again. “You think I give a f*** about 15 dollars worth of flowers?” he asks. “I don’t give a f*** about it.”

The guys scream at each other in the midst of the bar, and Codi provides in his confessional, “I don’t give a f*** what you think about me. I don’t care. I’m just going to show you off and be like…you’re an idiot. You don’t know what’s going on.” Meanwhile, Candace is caught within the center as she tries to mediate issues between the fellows, however she will barely be heard over their screams.

Across the room, Nilsa Prowant and Aimee Hall are watching all of it go down. “Am I missing something?!” Nilsa wonders. “I thought Codi and Kirk were supposed to be best friends. What’s actually the problem?” We’ll see how this all performs out when Floribama Shore airs on Feb. 13 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV.

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