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We caught up with ‘Siesta Key’ star, Madisson Hausburg, for EXCLUSIVE scoop about her relationship with the present’s former producer, Ish, and the way she felt about her dad’s disapproving response to the romance.

Madisson Hausburg, 25, had a tricky dialog along with her dad on the Jan. 14 episode of Siesta Key when she launched him to her new boyfriend, Ish, 46, who was once a producer on season one of many actuality present. Her father didn’t go simple on them, and admitted that he didn’t approve of the connection. “I knew it was a conversation we had to get through in order to grow from it and get past it,” Madisson defined to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “We had to have that initial conversation. I didn’t think it would be that intense. When you think about it, in theory, you know, okay, my dad’s not going to approve. But then, when you sit there and hear him say it to your face — ‘I don’t approve, I will never approve’ — that’s hard to hear.”

Another one that had a tricky time studying about Madisson’s new romance was her ex, Brandon Gomes, who was blindsided with the information at Juliette Porter’s commencement get together. “I probably should have told Brandon before,” Madisson admitted. “I didn’t mean to hurt the guy that badly. In retrospect, everything could have been easier [if I did], but you can say that about every situation.” However, she additionally wasn’t anticipating Brandon to react so intensely, both. “I hadn’t talked to Brandon in so long and he didn’t reach out either,” Madisson defined. “I assumed he had moved on, on some stage. I anticipated him to be upset and shocked, like everybody was, however I didn’t anticipate him to be that upset.”

At the top of the Jan. 14 episode, viewers noticed Ish go away to go work on a challenge in a foreign country, and Madisson realized that she may not see him for six months. She teased in our interview that that is one thing that can take a toll on her because the season progresses. “I do struggle with it being long distance, especially when there are so many things against us already and I didn’t have the support of all of my friends and family,” she mentioned. “That made it a lot harder. So, there’s a lot of things against us, but you’ll see more of him this season. There’s a chance of him coming back!”

Madisson acquired along with Ish after she moved to Los Angeles to take appearing lessons within the fall of 2018. When she ended issues with Brandon, she took it upon herself to pursue Ish, regardless of there 21 12 months age distinction. “The age difference was obviously a big issue, more so for everyone else,” she revealed. “It crossed my thoughts, however I feel after I first began seeing him, I didn’t anticipate it to get as critical because it did. Then it did begin getting very critical, and it grew to become, like…what if we do need a future collectively? The age distinction will certainly catch as much as us and take a toll. Is it value it? That’s one thing we navigate via the season.”

We’re solely two episodes into this season of Siesta Key, so viewers will get to see PLENTY of extra from these two because the present continues. Siesta Key airs Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. on MTV.

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