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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ celebrated its 350th episode with one emotional episode. Meredith confronted the medical board about her future and ended up in entrance of the physician who killed Derek.

So a lot of Meredith’s friends go earlier than the panel of docs who will determine whether or not or not she will be able to proceed to observe medication. Today could be the final day that Meredith is a physician and she or he is aware of that. She admits to DeLuca that if she loses her license and he’ll nonetheless be capable of be a physician, they gained’t make it. She’s brutally sincere however she’s simply telling the reality.

The opposing facet is attempting to ascertain that Meredith is rash and reckless. They achieve this by citing the whole lot in her previous. When they convey up her Zola, that’s when Meredith loses it. She’s had sufficient. She’s not going to let these individuals use her daughter as a weapon. But there’s extra to this confrontation. “You are the one who killed her father,” she tells one of many docs on the panel. She calls the person a “coward” for standing over Derek and never ordering the CT scan that may have saved him. Meredith is about to be taken out of the room when the physician has a seizure and passes out. Instead of strolling away, Meredith sends him to Grey Sloan to get the very best care.

During a break within the listening to, Miranda and Richard have it out. She’s pissed that he lied to the panel for Meredith. “Meredith Grey could commit murder and you’d hide the body,” Bailey tells Richard. Honestly, she’s not flawed. “You choose her,” she says. “You always choose her.” Richard stresses that Meredith is household. He’ll go to nice ends fo her. Bailey feels betrayed. Richard confesses that he caught his neck out for Meredith as a result of he is aware of she’d do the identical. At the second, Richard can’t say the identical about Bailey.

When the physician is delivered to the hospital, Amelia refuses to do the surgical procedure. She doesn’t wish to function on the person who killed her brother. She asks Tom to do the surgical procedure and he agrees. Later, Amelia watches the person’s surgical procedure. Link stays by her facet. Amelia watches as the person dies through the surgical procedure.

Meanwhile, the medical fee is suspending Meredith’s listening to. Alex storms in and says they’ll’t try this. People have come from throughout to talk for Meredith. So a lot of her former sufferers have come to speak about how Meredith saved their lives. Cristina, Callie, Arizona, April, and Addison all write letters in assist of Meredith.

Bailey has one thing extra to say about Meredith, too. There’s no doubting that Meredith broke a legislation to save lots of a life. But nobody must be questioning Meredith’s license as a result of she’s “too good at what she does.” Bailey says that regardless that Meredith has been by a lot, it hasn’t made her laborious, imply, or chilly. Everything that’s occurred to Meredith has made her higher. In the top, Meredith doesn’t lose her license. Bailey asks her to return again to Grey Sloan. “I need you,” Bailey says.

Maggie continues to be dealing with the lack of her cousin. Jackson finds her ingesting and takes her dwelling. They virtually share a kiss however Jackson stops them earlier than issues go too far. Maggie snaps and tells him to get out. She doesn’t wish to see him once more.

DeLuca reveals up at Meredith’s place to speak. She apologizes for what she mentioned about them not making it if she misplaced her license. DeLuca is aware of she meant what she mentioned. He’s carried out a lot for her however he doesn’t assume she thinks of him as her accomplice. He’s not Derek. “You didn’t just love Derek, you respected him,” DeLuca says. Meredith stresses that she does respect DeLuca however it’s not sufficient proper now. He needs her to take a while and determine what she needs. “Let me know if I’m a part of that,” he tells her. Talk a few 350th episode to recollect.

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