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Will TK die in ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ after unexpectedly getting shot within the newest episode? Ronen Rubinstein advised HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY why followers ought to be anxious even when he does dwell.

The query that almost all 9-1-1: Lone Star followers are dying to get answered, following final week’s jaw-dropping episode through which TK obtained shot within the chest, is… will he die? Ronen Rubinstein wouldn’t reveal that a lot when he stopped by HollywoodLife‘s LA workplace to debate the 2-hour season finale, which airs on March 9, however he did inform us how this incident will impression all the things else shifting ahead. “I think fans should be a little worried about the future of TK. I think both mentally and physically,” Ronen advised us EXCLUSIVELY. And as a lot as we tried to squeeze it out of him, Ronen wouldn’t — and couldn’t — reveal whether or not or not TK lives. But he did inform us that he’s nonetheless rooting for TK and Carlos’ (Rafael Silva) romance, whereas revealing how this incident would doubtless have an effect on their romance if TK survives.

While Ronen did inform us that Carlos’ go to to TK within the hospital was a “beautiful scene”, he elicited some worry in us about what could possibly be coming subsequent for the present’s hottest couple. “I think if TK lives, it might only complicate things even more for them. I think it might have TK maybe questioning, really, what’s going on in his life because this is now the second incident that’s happened to him this season involving a near-death situation. And again, everything is still pretty fresh between them.” Obviously, the second incident Ronen was referring to is TK’s drug overdose in NYC, earlier than he and pop Owen (Rob Lowe) moved to Texas.

Michael Buckner/HollywoodLife
Michael Buckner/HollywoodLife

TK was shot and final week’s episode ended with him in a coma, in order Ronen identified, “We don’t know how or if he’s going to wake up. And if he does wake up, we don’t know if he’s going to be fully functioning.” But if TK does get up, Ronen hopes TK’s romance with Carlos finally ends up being “his priority.” He advised us, “I always say this — selfishly. I do hope that he’s like, ‘I want Carlos in my life.’ Because I think we’re representing and portraying such a beautiful relationship on television. And the chance to just play with it even more and to explore it even more… I’m always hoping for more ‘Tarlos’.”

But Carlos isn’t the one one worrying about TK. Owen can even be coping with some heavy feelings when the season finale debuts. “It’s probably the most traumatic thing that could happen to a parent,” Ronen mentioned of Owen seeing his son get shot proper in entrance of him. And now, TK is going through dying.

Fortunately, we received’t have to attend too lengthy to seek out out whether or not or not TK lives. Ronen advised us we’ll uncover his character’s destiny within the first hour of the season finale on Monday. Fans will “find out in the first hour,” he advised us.

The 2-hour season finale of 9-1-1: Lone Star airs Monday, March 9 at 8pm on FOX.

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