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The Edge of Extinction is again for season 40 of ‘Survivor,’ however there’s additionally a model new twist for the all-winners season — fireplace tokens! Before the premiere, host Jeff Probst broke down precisely how these will work.

Twenty former Survivor winners will compete towards one another on the present’s 40th season, Winners At War, which premieres Feb. 12. This is bound to be essentially the most intense season EVER, so it solely made sense that the showrunners added a brand new twist to spice issues up greater than ever earlier than. Season 40 will embody the addition of ‘fire tokens,’ which can be like a type of foreign money on the island. Everyone will begin with one fireplace token, and when they’re voted out, they may be capable of reward their token to one of many remaining gamers. Then, the voted out participant will head to the Edge of Extinction to attend it out for an opportunity to return to the sport, and the hearth tokens will come into play.

“People on the Edge don’t have anything, however what the Edge does have are benefits — which might be of no worth on the Edge of Extinction, however are very precious within the sport,” Jeff Probst defined to Entertainment Weekly. “It becomes supply and demand. I have what you have in terms of an advantage, and I’m going to sell it to somebody in the game for [their] fire token.” The folks on the Edge wish to gather as many fireplace tokens as doable, as a result of when it comes time to combat for a spot again within the sport, they’ll be capable of use the tokens they’ve collected to purchase a bonus of their very own.

“Now we have a true economy in which you have what I need, and I have what you want,” Jeff mentioned. “And here’s the price I’m offering to sell it to you.” Of course, selecting who to provide fireplace tokens to is not going to be a straightforward choice for the gamers, as there are many layers to Survivor to contemplate.

“As the game progresses and you’re on Extinction, you don’t really know who has tokens left,” Jeff defined. “You don’t know what’s happening over there. So you’re offering to sell to somebody, hoping that they have enough money.” The one who is obtainable the benefit, which is completed in secret, will solely have till sunset to resolve in the event that they wish to pay up. If they don’t take the deal, or they will’t afford it, it goes away fully. The gamers nonetheless within the sport are allowed to borrow tokens from one other participant, or mix tokens with one other participant to get sufficient cash.

“As the game gets deeper, these advantages become more valuable,” Jeff revealed. “There’s only a few people left and they all want them, which means you can charge more for them. And the more [you] charge, the more tokens [you] get.” Players can even use their tokens to purchase “food, items or advantages” at challenges. We’ll see how this twist performs out when Survivor premieres with a two hour episode on Feb. 12 at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

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