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The ‘Taste Buds’ problem brings the laughs on this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of ‘Ellen’s Game of Games.’ One contestant has her face lined in mayonnaise in the course of the sport!

The “Taste Buds” sport on Ellen’s Game of Games is the definition of messy. The contestants should style meals whereas blindfolded and assist their companion guess the meals that they’ve tasted. The girl on this EXCLUSIVE preview of the March 24 episode of Ellen’s Game of Games dips her face right into a plate filled with mayonnaise proper off the bat. “Your favorite creamy thing on a sandwich,” she tells her companion. He simply guesses mayonnaise.

That means it’s his flip. He will get pumpkin pie. At first, he solely tastes the whipped cream. “It’s really sweet,” the contestant says. “And it’s kind of like eggs in it.” When his companion doesn’t guess something, he snaps, “Say something!” Because of his clues, she guesses egg salad.

He tries once more and tastes among the pumpkin pie. “It’s something that you can have at a picnic,” he says. Eventually, his companion will get fed up and passes on this style take a look at. This time round, the lady’s style take a look at is of sprinkles. Too dangerous she will get these sprinkles combined in with the mayonnaise on her face! Her clues are lots higher than her companion’s so he’s capable of guess sprinkles simply.

The synopsis for the March 24 episode reads: “Contestants will play ‘Don’t Leave me Hanging,’ ‘Buckin’ Blasters,’ and ‘Taste Buds. Special friends, singer/songwriters Charlie Puth and Halsey, be a part of Ellen to play ‘Stink Tank. The winner of every of the primary 4 rounds advances to ‘Know or Go’ and the one that wins that sport advances to ‘Hot Hands’ for an opportunity to win a money prize.” Ellen’s Game of Games season three airs Tuesdays at eight p.m. on NBC.

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