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The look ahead to ‘Zombies 2’ is over. The DCOM sequel premieres Feb. 14. HL spoke with the brand new forged members concerning the highly effective werewolves coming to Seabrook and what to anticipate from Wyatt, Wynter, and Willa.

The highly-anticipated Zombies 2 premieres Valentine’s Day on Disney Channel. Zed, Addison, the zombies, and the cheerleaders are again however they’re not alone. The sequel options the addition of the werewolves. Willa, Wyatt, and Wynter come to Seabrook for his or her pack searching for solutions and a moonstone. HollywoodLife sat down EXCLUSIVELY with Chandler Kinney, Pearce Joza, and Ariel Martin on the film’s press junket to get the news on the werewolves. Chandler mentioned that the werewolves convey “a whole lot of trouble” and “attitude.” She teased, “I think the werewolves do bring a lot of power into the story. We’re kind of like busting into Seabrook and ready to take names. I think our entrance is the coolest thing ever.” Fans bought a have a look at the trio’s grand entrance and it’s epic, to say the least.

The werewolves are all about household and that’s one thing Pearce actually cherished about his character. “The thing I really saw from Wyatt from the second I read the script was how dedicated he is to his pack and to the people he loves and his family and really trying to find the great alpha,” Pearce advised HollywoodLife. “Trying to help them survive is very, very important to Wyatt and takes top priority over everything else. He’ll never let family get left behind.”

Ariel echoed what Pearce mentioned relating to the werewolves’ dedication to their pack. She additionally hinted that Wynter goes to supply some comedian aid all through the film. “With Wynter, she doesn’t know how to contain any of that emotion and she’s kind of oblivious as to how she comes off sometimes,” she revealed. “But it’s because she loves everybody and she cares about everybody and she just generally really, really wants the best and doesn’t know how to handle herself at all.”

As for Willa, she has “alpha energy.” She is fierce with a capital F. “She’s very, very serious about her pack and that makes her super protective, almost too protective maybe,” Chandler mentioned. “She’s a bit threatened by Addison and just kind of change in general because she’s very proud of who she is and who the werewolves are and she doesn’t want anything to disrupt them. She’s a force to be reckoned with.”

Zombies 2 goes to be treating followers to all-new musical numbers. Chandler famous that the werewolves’ musical model is “very different from the zom and pom style. I feel like the cheerleaders are very pop and upbeat. The zombies are a little bit more hip hop and then the werewolves kind of find this really cool mix of the two and we bring in some other elements as well but there’s a lot of bass and drums and the dance moves go with that.” Pearce added, “It’s cool to watch all the different zom, pom, and weres dance together. It’s very, very cool. The choreographers did an amazing job at making each dance style unique to the characters and the species.” Zombies 2 will air Feb. 14 at eight p.m. on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW.

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