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The premiere of ‘Zombies 2’ is simply at some point away! HL sat down with Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim to speak all issues Zeddison, the brand new werewolves, Zed and Addison’s journeys within the sequel, and extra.

The highly-anticipated Zombies sequel, Zombies 2, is making its huge debut on Feb. 14. It’s the right Valentine’s Day deal with for everybody. It’s been practically two years since we have been first launched to Zed, Addison, and the zombies and cheerleaders of Seabrook. They’re again and higher than ever within the sequel, together with some new characters — together with a trio of werewolves named Wyatt, Willa, and Wynter! HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim all about what these werewolves imply for Zed and Addison.

“The Werewolves are coming in from the Forbidden Forest because they’re looking to find their moonstone, which they need,” Milo advised HollywoodLife on the film’s press junket. “I think that Zed at first is a little bit intimidated by them and I think at some point he gets a little bit jealous by Wyatt and Addison’s relationship together.” As for Addison, she has a distinct strategy to the werewolves. “Since she went through the whole zombies thing where they came into the town and they were mistreated, I think since she knows that, she’s kind of accepting of the werewolves because she just wants them to feel welcome,” Meg mentioned. “At first, she’s terrified but it was the same with zombies. She was terrified at first and then she gets to know them and she’s like ‘Oh, they’re not so bad.’ She wants to help them fit in and feel welcome. Wyatt just wants her help to find the moonstone because he needs it.”

Milo added: “I don’t think Zed really gives the werewolves a fair chance at first because I think that over everything what stays strong is his love for Addison. I think that before anything he’s going to make sure that she’s safe and she’s protected, so I think that when the werewolves come he doesn’t really think about it like when the zombies were trying to be accepted. He thinks about it like a danger to Addison.”

While we love all of the Zeddison we are able to get, each Zed and Addison undergo their very own journeys within the sequel. Meg mentioned that in the case of Addison, she “doesn’t really know where she belongs. She is helping the zombies and the cheer team is now zombies and cheerleaders so she’s helping everyone come together with cheer, but she’s still not cheer captain. She’s still taking all of Bucky’s reign so she just really doesn’t know where she fits in or where she belongs.”

Milo admitted he was shocked about Zed’s preliminary response to the werewolves in Zombies 2. “In the first movie, Zed goes through something that’s so similar to the werewolves’ experience where he feels like he isn’t accepted and he feels like there’s nothing he can do,” Milo advised HollywoodLife. “And then in this movie, like when I read the script for the first time, I was so surprised because I was like Zed knows all about this. Zed should know that there’s nothing wrong about the werewolves and they should be able to have an opportunity to be able to be a part of Seabrook, but I think just over everything he just loves Addison so much and he just needs to make sure she’s safe. So I think that Zed is very confused for the first half of the movie and he’s just trying to do what’s right. He’s just trying to figure it out because he always wants everybody to be happy and he’s a leader and he’s trying to make a difference, but I think he’s trying to figure out how to do that as the movie goes.”

A sequel means extra new musical numbers to take pleasure in and Zombies 2 turns up the notch in the case of music. “In this movie we have a whole other vibe coming in, and you’ll see in the movie the dances all are similar choreography but the humans, the zombies, the werewolves have their own distinct flair to it,” Milo admitted. “The songs are just so much bigger and better. I think it’s worth more this time. There’s so much more on the line I feel like this time. The songs are just so powerful and fun to watch.”

One of the most effective songs of the primary Zombies is certainly “Someday.” HollywoodLife requested whether or not Zed and Addison’s epic ballad will reappear within the sequel. “You might get a whisper of ‘Someday’ in there. We’ll see,” Milo mentioned. Meg added, “It’s possible.” Zombies 2 will air Feb. 14 at eight p.m. on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW.

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